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Summer 2018

Summer 2018

Hi everyone!

I’ve just come back from Harvest Family Village and I am excited! It’s alive with activity! We have our gardeners busy in the vegetable gardens making sure we have plenty of fresh veg. Henry is busy planning with Stephen on the way forward. We’ve been able to take on 5 local men to come and work for a month to help with all this preparation. We are ploughing to plant more crops and lawn. Things are moving and the Village is taking shape.

The children are busy playing and enjoying being off school! Auntie Maggie loves to join in, which the kids love. Auntie Chish has added a study plan for them to do some homework during the holidays, but she makes it fun!

House of Heroes

The house is built and the team are busy painting, tiling and putting in cupboards. We can’t wait to open and have another safe place for children who so desperately need it.

However, we still need to raise funds before this can happen as the house needs a built in kitchen and furniture. Sadly due to Zimbabwe’s economic state prices are high as most goods have to be imported from South Africa.


We need one of these……..

A Kitchen – Large Dining Room Table – Fridge – Chest Freezer – Oven – Sofa Set

We need ten of these………..

Dining Room Chairs – Children’s Single Bed – Study Desk and Chair

We need £1500 to build a kitchen and then a further £5000 to fully furnish the house. Could you help us reach that target? f you could help us with this appeal please either send a cheque to Alison at the above address or see ways to give at the end of this letter.


Hello from Chish!

What a privilege it has been for me to serve Harvest Family Village these past few months. Last year I could not have imagined that the Lord would have brought me here. The last few months are testimony to the Lord’s kindness and attention to detail.

Whilst my work on the ground has been diverse, the focus has been on building relationships with the staff and the children. To that end, I have felt a sense of homecoming as God has knitted my heart with the team here. I feel as though my Father has placed my son and myself in a season where we can invest in His purposes and receive from Him.

I have had some quirky challenges and it has been astounding how the Lord has steered the course of the changes that needed to happen in me.

>From prayer meetings with primary caregivers, study sessions with our children to counting onions in the garden … I am excited regarding the journey ahead Thank you for praying for our work here in Zimbabwe. Because of your prayers, this has been a happy move for me!

Thank you to all of you for your incredible support in so many ways. We can only do this because of you! We truly appreciate your interest in the work we do.

With much love Jenny