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Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Hi Everyone!

Hope all is well with you. I am enjoying being in the UK where most things work as they should and we have plenty of cash! Sadly, things are getting more challenging in Zimbabwe with long queues at the bank to withdraw the little cash that is available. Thankfully we know the Lord is in charge and He will sustain us through this time.

We have recently bid farewell to Angela Motsi, who has been our manager for the past 10 and a half years. Mama Angela, as she is fondly known by the children, has been a vital member of the team and has played a significant role in getting Harvest Family Village to the place it is now. She will be greatly missed by everyone but has promised to come and visit. We would like to thank her for her work in every aspect of Mind the Gap and wish her the Lord’s blessing in her future ventures.

Christmas Challenge

Yes, it’s that time again to be thinking about Christmas gifts, but we have a great alternative! Give a gift for our children in Zimbabwe on behalf of your friends and family here. Below is a copy of the leaflet, email Alison to let her know what you’d like.


Our egg business, under Tammy’s leadership is going from strength to strength. Unfortunately, there has been an outbreak of bird flu in the country meaning a shortage of eggs. This has meant our 1500 eggs are in great demand and selling fast. Thanks to Ramona, a missionary from the US who has just secured us a grant to build coop number 3! This means by the new year we should be having even more chickens and eggs! Please check the Christmas Challenge and buy some chicks for us to fill our new coop!

Feeding Programme

We have been so pleased to be able to start a feeding programme at our local primary school where 9 of our children attend. We give the 325 students breakfast three days a week. Any guesses what we feed them – yes, a boiled egg with 2 slices of bread! This has been a huge blessing to the children who for many come to school on an empty stomach with little or no food to carry. It is so good to give them food rich in protein as this is often the food group that is lacking for many children. The teachers have been amazed at the difference it has made to their performance at school.

Virginia Team

In September we welcomed a team of 10 people from The Heights Baptist church in Virginia, led by David and Sheila. David and his team of men worked long hours and gave us such a boost in the clearing we have been steadily doing in the Village over the past few years. We hired a JCB for a few days which Kenny soon took charge of and the transformation was amazing. As well as clearing the men turned our shed into a bunk house for volunteers and made some new wooden beds. Sheila along with Debbie and Donna spent time with our staff and children which everyone loved. Having teams come in and support us in this way is such an encouragement to all of us and we are so grateful that The Heights Church is so committed to Bulawayo Baptist Church and its ministry here in Bulawayo.

Sponsored Kayak

I thanked Russ prematurely in my last letter as I hadn’t realised the weather had held up his fund-raising kayak trip. He was able to make the 3 day 60km trip last week which in the photos Russ sent looked both beautiful but a little scary! He has raised just over £1000 which is an amazing amount towards our next ‘Forever Home’, thank you Russ!

Thank you to everyone who gives to the ministry and prays for us. Thanks to those who sponsor our children. We are overdue in getting you recent photos of the children but are having a challenge getting good quality photos. Please keep praying for the adoption of my three as there just doesn’t seem to be any movement of that front. Thank you for your AMAZING support!

With love Jenny