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August 2017

August 2017

Hi Everyone!

The highlight of my year was on Sat 5th August! Maggie and June were acting a bit odd that day as we went to Harvest Family Village. They made sure I stayed at the other house, then it all went quiet which is always worrying with kids! I walked to the other house to be greeted by a shout of ‘Surprise’! They had organised a surprise party for me! I am not often lost for words but was that day. I was told the staff wanted me to know how much they loved me!

My second highlight was my recent visit to Virginia, where I was the missionary speaker at The Heights Vacation Bible School. This church partners with Bulawayo Baptist church and it was such a privilege to share about our work and God’s heart for the poor with over 800 children. The most daunting part was when I was going to be speaking to several hundred 3 to 5 year olds! That was a first! For those on Facebook nearly every picture showed me eating as my hosts seemed determined for me to try every type of cuisine Virginia had to offer! I am still working off the extra pounds!!

Our Children

We had three new children join our family earlier in the year, Loveness, Precious and Mandla. They are siblings and have fitted so well into our home. All the other children are doing well, though school is a challenge for some. They are currently on school holiday and due to the kindness of many we are going to be able to take them on some fun days out. Our church runs a fabulous holiday club for a week so that too is a highlight for them and a great chance to learn more about the Lord.

A huge thank you to all who gave towards buying each child a pair of pjamas’s. The children were so glad to have them during the cooler months and have worn them night and day!!

USA Team

We have just had the privilege of hosting a team from Virginia who came to develop links with the primary school our children attend. They came with letters and a video from their children which the children at our school were overjoyed to receive. All our children wrote back and we look forward to seeing how this relationship will develop.

I was told there was a man coming to take a video for the school and a lady to assist. Little did we know we were getting a top US producer along with a professional film maker! In their 6 day’s here they not only took clips for the school in Virginia but they were also able to film a project for riding for the disabled and Harvest Family Village. Thankfully this was all done free of charge! I want to say a HUGE thank you to June, who led the team and made all these connections, and James for much of the financing of the trip. Then thank you to Autumn, Stacey and Nick for being willing to give your time and professional skills to work with us. I can’t wait to see what this will produce and I know it will help in sharing about our work here in Bulawayo.

June’s View – I asked June (front right in picture) if she would share her thoughts on Harvest Family Village.

“Words cannot adequately describe the incredible transformation Harvest Family Village has become as I witnessed on my 3rd visit in 4 years. From an overgrown, uninhabitable farm to a flourishing village of children in 2 small family homes with gardens to help sustain them. You can’t help but feel the moment you arrive this is a very special place. I can only imagine in the future what great things the Lord will pour out upon this place. I pray more homes will be funded so more children can have forever homes. God bless you Jenny and all the staff at Harvest Family Village!”

I was looking back at last year’s letter when I said how we felt Tinashe was near the end of his life. Well he’s still with us, though 3 weeks ago we really thought it was his time as he was hardly able to breath. We rushed him to the private hospital as wanted him to get the best care in his last days. Angela met with his doctor every morning as he deteriorated day by day. Then finally we were in tears saying our goodbyes, but a week later he was discharged! He has the most awful bed sores that are gaping holes, they aren’t healing as his body is too weak and frail. It’s hard to see the pain when he is moved each 2 hours. Please pray for Tinashe for the Lord to touch his body. His hospital stay, which included ICU has left us with a bill of over $5000. If anyone feels they could assist in helping us pay this we would be so grateful. Just mark any donations ‘Tinashe’.

Fund raising Events

I would like to thank Viet-Ahn for doing a sponsored triathlon to raise money for Mind the Gap. She raised over £1000 in sponsorship which is awesome and such a help to the ministry.

A huge thanks to Eva, my cousins daughter who at her birthday party requested money for our children instead of gifts. I gave her the choice of how she thought I should use the money, and she has chosen a swimming outing for our children with inflatables to be bought as well!

Thanks to Russell for taking part in another kayak challenge for us and getting sponsorship for us

If anyone would like to put on a fundraising event please let me know. Alison can provide sponsor forms and even ideas!!

There have been so many wonderful things happening here but we are not without great challenges. The Lord has clearly been redirecting Mind the Gap which has been a hard road to walk. Please pray for me as I lead this organisation, for wisdom and grace in moving forward.

Thank you for all your love, prayers and support, which without I wouldn’t still be standing!

With love Jenny