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April 21, 2019

April 21, 2019

Hi, Friends

I’m on a train from Devon to London enjoying the beauty and peace of God’s creation and thankful I’m away from Zimbabwe. Not a great statement of faith I know but the honest reality of the pressure of life seeking to care for children in a country that is falling apart.

I’m kept in touch by daily updates from our team, which actually makes
me more thankful to be away as I hear of prices spiralling out of control, a lack of food and hope fast fading. Most of Zimbabwe faces drought with the hunger that follows whilst others have been flooded and displaced by the worst natural disaster in the southern hemisphere ever. Where is God?

We have broken children who have been abused by their fathers or family members and the horror of that is at times simply unbearable. Where is God?

We have children who have been abandoned who want to know why; what was wrong with me. Where is God?

We have children wondering what will happen to them when they get to 18 as they know the system says they must leave us. Where is God?

We have children needing a safe place to live but we don’t have the money to build more houses, so we turn them away. Where is God?

We have a house still unfinished because the crash in the economy devalued money by 250% and our money sitting in the contractor’s account could no longer cover the costs of the remaining materials needed. Where is God?

We have regular pleas of help from people who once were able to just about survive but when you get $250 a month and a loaf of bread is $3.50 how can you ever have enough? Where is God?