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October, 2019

October, 2019

Hi everyone!

It’s so good to be back in Zimbabwe with my three precious children and all the children and staff at the Village.  However, its hard to be surrounded by the sheer desperation of the nation with the daily battle to survive. The country continues in decline where many basic food items are outside the reach of the average Zimbabwean.  About half the country now need food aid and the situation continues to deteriorate. The country needs help and only the Lord can change hearts. The land is desperate for rain as last year was a very poor rainy season, so please join us in asking the Lord to send much needed rain and for the Lord’s intervention in the land.

Our Children
Our children are doing well and we are encouraged as they are growing into lovely young men and women.  Many of them have made commitments to Christ and have been baptised. They often take part in their local church in the worship group, music and even preaching! We are so grateful to another church, Selbourne Park Christian Fellowship, a church in town who have made a huge commitment to this ministry and spend regular time with the children doing bible study, hospital visiting, practical support and just having fun with them.

House of Heroes
House number 3 has been completed for over 5 months now after the amazing outpouring of generosity from so many of you. My heart has been so full seeing this kindness from so many people. We are still waiting for registration from Social welfare before we can take any more children, so please keep praying this would be forthcoming soon. Please keep praying for the right housemother and auntie for this home.

Christmas Challenge
Once again we are running the Christmas Challenge and are sending out several leaflets to you and kindly asking you to pass them on to friends and family. You could buy us chickens as we starting a free range project so the
chickens can run around the village and eat what they can find on the land. Sadly the cost of feed is so high that it has become very challenging to make much profit in the egg business, therefore we keep looking for more cost
effective ways to provide for ourselves.

You could also buy us a pig to add to the 5 we have managed to purchase, 2 of whom are pregnant! I just hope the children don’t get to attached as they may struggle to eat them!!

Solar Power
Earlier this year we had some very generous sponsorship given for us to start using solar power. A wonderful man paid for the system followed by a couple who then donated to increase the battery back up. This all facilitated by Craig and Paul from Verogrid who have a passion to see solar power for Africa. We are so grateful to these friends for this tremendous gift which has proved so invaluable in recent months.

Initially it was needed as we were having occasional power cuts due to poor infrastructure and theft. However, in the past three months Zimbabwe are experiencing daily cuts between 16 to 20 hours as the country cannot pay their huge debt for the supply from neighbouring countries. Like everything else in our hyperinflation our monthly electricity bill has just
increased from $120 zim dollars to $2370 zim dollars a month!! That’s a 1600% increase!

We are changing our bank from HSBC to Unity Trust Bank as they are more appropriate for the purposes of Mind the Gap. They can be accessed through any Natwest Branch. If you have a regular Standing Order with HSBC then Unity Trust Bank will automatically switch you over to them. We will keep you all informed about the changes. Please note all the new bank details are at the bottom of this letter.

With regard to cheques please continue to make them payable to ‘Mind the Gap—Africa’ and send to Alison at the address on this letter. Prayers for a smooth transition would be appreciated!!

This year we have some beautiful calenders for sale which have been designed by my super creative cousin’s company Tangled Web. They are to benefit us at Mind the Gap but also our friends, ‘Healing with Horses’. This amazing organisation offer our children fortnightly horse riding lessons for free as they recognise the huge importance of therapy a horse can bring to a child. In the picture here is our Tinashe, who is usually limited to his chair and bed with cerebral palsy, enjoying his ride and freedom.

The calenders are £10 and can be ordered by contacting Alison using the details at the top of this letter.

Finally, a huge thank you to all of you who stand with us in this partnership. We can only do what we do in Zimbabwe because of your amazing generosity, prayers, love and encouragement. We thank the Lord for His unfailing love which we see day by day in His care for our children and are amazed at how He works in all our lives.

I would be grateful for continued prayers for my amazing children, Tom, Mary and Grace and particularly that 2020 would be the year I finally manage to adopt them.

With much love, Jenny