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October, 2020

October, 2020

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are keeping well in these strange times we find ourselves in. We are so thankful that Covid hasn’t hit Zimbabwe as hard as had been thought and certainly there haven’t been the deaths that had been predicted. We are praying for you in the West as sadly the numbers are once again on the rise. It means I am unable to come home at the moment because of quarantine and restrictions so I’ll miss seeing many of you this year.

We are so thankful to the Lord for the early rains which so far have been amazing and we ask that you join us in praying for a long season of much rain which brings life to many.

Christmas Challenge
We are running the Christmas Challenge and have some great gifts for you to ‘buy’ for your friends and family. You can buy gifts that help us keep running as a Village and also you can ‘buy’ gifts to assist us in feeding those children who are struggling in our neighbourhood.

£5 will buy a chicken
£10 will feed a child in our community by providing nourishing meals several times a week
£15 will pay one of our wonderful ministry workers for a day
£20 will buy bricks that will build as a square metre of our next home
£30 will buy us a goat that will be used to feed the children in the community
£100 will supply one of our homes with all groceries for a week

Or you can opt for a gift of any amount (minimum £5) which will be used for the ministry. Every pound you give is a huge help to us and we appreciate all your support, it really is life changing, Thank you!

The Joseph Initiative
We have been busy expanding our capacity to help feed our neighbours.  Our rabbits and pigs are breeding at amazing rates so we are glad the larger structures have now been built.

Thank you to everyone who has been giving towards this project. Our outstanding need is for a farm truck, please join us in prayer for this.  We recently had a meeting with our Pastor and some elders from our local church where our children attend, so this project can be done in partnership with the church. Together we have identified families who are in desperate need and have been able to start taking food packages to them. We pray that soon we can continue by cooking meals for children to come and eat.

We have our first college goer! Silethemba turned 18 earlier in the year and after passing her ‘O’ levels she has chosen to study social work. Her course started last month and it’s proving to be very demanding and quite a shock going from school to college. Please pray for her as she makes this adjustment.

Home No 4!
The foundations are laid so now all we need are the wall, doors, windows and roof! With the rate of inflation over 800% it is very difficult to give a precise cost for this house. Any quotes you are given are valid for 24 hours!! With the experience of having built 2 houses our best educated estimate is £85,500 (US$111,150). This breaks down to £9,500 (US$12,350) per one of the 9 rooms in the home.

Please join with us in prayer for the resources to build this house as sadly the need for care of vulnerable children is rising.

Maybe you would like to pay for a room in the house or as a church you could raise the cost of a room? It has been lovely dedicating rooms in the House of Heroes and we would love to dedicate rooms in this next house as well.

Thank you to you all for your tremendous support over this year and for your prayers and encouragement.

Much love Jenny