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April, 2020

April, 2020

Hi Everyone!

I hate waiting!! We wait for everything here! Waiting to adopt my kids, just over 12 years! Waiting for our House of Heroes to be registered after a year of its completion! And now we are all waiting for Covid to go. It seems God is in the business of having us wait, but waiting on Him. It’s a lesson I’m learning slowly – not to be in a hurry and run ahead of Him but not to be too slow and lag behind Him. There is a peace and rest that comes in the waiting. Please pray for us to be patient in our waiting and keep in step with the Lord.

We continue in lockdown with nearly 7000 official cases of the virus and 206 deaths. In reality the only impact is no school and no sign of them fully opening yet. This is hard on our children as the weeks and months drag on but overall they are coping very well. Please pray for them at this time.

House of Heroes
We continue to wait to get the house registered! We have employed a lovely lady called Loice to be the mum. Please keep praying for our registration as there are many children desperate for a loving home.

The Joseph Initiative
Zimbabwe is in the midst of a crisis with over half the population who cannot afford even the basic food supplies. We are seeing the reality of this in the community around Harvest Family Village and believe the Lord is leading us to help. This has been confirmed to us in many ways. Firstly we have had the amazing donation of solar for the Village along with solar pumps. This means we always have water. Then we were gifted to install a water harvesting set up so now we have an additional storage of 60,000 litres of water and when it rains fresh drinking water. Finally we received a very generous gift and my dear friend told me the Lord had instructed her to ‘Feed my lambs’. These gifts have been a sign to us that the Lord wants to expand our capacity and like Joseph grow and rear food so we can assist others in time of need.

We began our feeding program in July having been given the names of 43 children who had been identified as in need of assistance. We were giving breakfast on Tuesday and Thursdays consisting of bread and 2 boiled eggs, laid by our Christmas Challenge chickens!

Word spread and soon we had around 240 children coming! Our challenge then was to keep them socially distanced which we soon realised was impossible!!

Without being able to keep the children socially distancing we had to put the meals on hold. So we gave them all a food package of mealie meal, oil, beans and tomatoes and veg from our gardens. Please pray as we look to how we can continue this assistance but keeping everyone safe from spreading the virus.

Whilst we plan on how to move forward we are building and expanding our farming capacity. We thank the Lord for Henry who is overseeing this with our great team of guys plus lots of local people we hire on a casual basis.

We are ploughing the land to grow more maize and veggies, building walls and putting up fences so we can increase the number of livestock. We are building a home for 2000 rabbits, we have extended our pig sties and we hope to build a larger place for more goats. We have also been promised funding for a greenhouse.

We have been amazed at the Lord’s provision of finances as we have started this project and it’s so lovely to see so much activity in the Village. The children just love helping out and we are all so excited at the thought of feeding children in our community with everything produced on our land. Please pray for this development that we would be clearly guided on the way forward. We need a further £15,000 to build the goat house, put a sprinkler system and drip irrigation on the land and to buy a sturdy farm truck. If anyone wants to give towards this project please deposit in our bank and put ‘Joseph’ as the reference.

I am so grateful and very humbled at the incredible support everyone of you gives to us. I wish I had more time to write to each one of you and thank you personally but please know how grateful I am. We can only do what we do here because of your generosity, love and support, it means such a lot.

Much love Jenny